tirsdag, desember 09, 2008

Pink Scarf

Finally blocked & finally enough daylight to get a half decent photo of this scarf... I spent the remaining Manos del Uruguay 100 % merino from hat # 7 (picture below) so now I have a matching hat and scarf. Pretty pretty in pink! Just like the hat (#7) the scarf was knit on 6 mm needles, and the pattern is a 2 x 2 rib with a narrow plait over the k2 stitches. The length is around 140 cm; just enough to keep my neck cozy and warm!

PS: The pirat hat from last entry was based on the free "They call them pirats" pattern (try googling it and you´ll find the free pattern). I just separated one repeat and knit that piece on dpns and the rest of the hat in the round.

tirsdag, desember 02, 2008

Hat # 8 & 9

I had no idea I would produce this many hats during 2008! # 10 is on the needles... And if I count the baby hats in...! Well, it´s a few. These two are knit up from Debbie Bliss soft cotton. The photos make the colours look even duller than they do in RL, but trust me; the hats look quite cool when worn ;o)

The big grey is veeeeery close to being finished and there is also a pink scarf laying around waiting to be blogged. I hope to post a couple of times more before I go away for 3 weeks from December 16th. And my personal wish/aim for 2009...? Make more hats, maybe?? Well, I could wish for more time, but time is an abstract. Time can not be produced. It can only be spent. So my wish and aim is to spend as much as possible of my time on whatever feels rewarding and meaningful. The remaining time I will fill with meaning as best as I can. This demands a very rare and hard achieved skill: the ability to make wise choices and right decisions. AND the will and courage to say "yes" and "no" at the right time. This is the direction I choose for my heart, soul and mind.