tirsdag, oktober 27, 2009

Recycling a recycled yarn

This beautiful scarf made of Silk Sari yarn (and a bit of cotton chenille) no longer exists... Sometimes looking good simply isn´t enough! The scarf came out too heavy and too scrolly to drape well around the neck - so I just gave up on wearing it. However, the yarn is faaar to pretty to be put in a corner (ref. Dirty Dancing!!!). So I turned it back into this: The full summer of 2006-post with more glorious pictures shows this yarns potential - and I have already cast on and off on the new Silk Sari creation... Stay tuned to find out if this time it turns into a success :o)

onsdag, oktober 21, 2009

Fall in the garden

Tada! The finished scarf measures 180 x 14 cm and drapes several times around the neck. I must admit that this sort of knitting bores me long before I am half done - but still it is worth the effort when it is finished :-)Please forgive the sensational bad airbrushing om the photo below - loooks like my testosteron level is a tad high... the idea was to show how the scarf looks; not to confuse you about my gender ;-)))

fredag, oktober 09, 2009

Back in Business

Finally a few words and stitches from the Baglady again. Unlike at Vriddrett/Supernøtts there has been no rumours (to my knowledge) that I or my blog were dead - anyway, I am just practising VERY SLOW living, or at least very slow blogging... and knitting! My yarn-shopping in London in August is turning into knitwork Daisy-stitch by Daisy-stitch, and it looks like this quite narrow scarf will be long enough to wrap nicely at least two rounds around the neck. The yarn is Crazy Zauerball Sock Yarn; 75% wool, 25% nylon, and the needles are 5 mm circulars