onsdag, desember 22, 2010

Peace and Love!

The 50 or so x-mas cards are on their way, hopefully finding all their recipiants safe, sound and happy. The production method was the slow kind. Hopefully the mail service is not equally slow, as good custom says December 24th is the latest acceptable day for a x-mas card to arrive. Luckily wishes for a happy new year is also included in the note - an excellent way to make sure the cards are relevant even if they do not arrive in time for The Holy Night ;o)

I wish you all a peaceful holiday as well as days filled with joy and love

fredag, desember 17, 2010

Over the threshold

These photos were taken a freezing cold day; I think it was -19 degrees celsius. Our front hall holds about the same temperature as outside; very convinient for storing and even freezing food! I just could not stop decorating despite my frostbitten fingernails, so I embellished this dry branch with some x-mas ornaments. Hopefully this makes our guests feel heartly and warmly welcomed despite the cold.

tirsdag, desember 14, 2010


Winter is COLD but equally BEAUTIFUL around here - the crisp, biting air feels healthy and gives the extra benefit of the true pleasure of getting indoors again! This is how our entrance welcomes everyone who stops by.

søndag, desember 12, 2010

Miracles are waiting to happen

A row of six budding hyacinths sitting on my window sill waiting to bloom with white pureness and spread their lovely fragrance

fredag, desember 10, 2010

Lucky, lucky me :o)

I am such a braggart of a proud mama - but you must agree that I am very, very lucky to be Princess´mother, right? She is kind, loving, brave, clever, creative and COOL. This cute and very cleverly improvised advent calendar was made for ME by HER. Every day I unwrap a thoughtful, little gift. So far I got acrylic pearls, a small wicker basket that I have owned for at least 20 years ("for keeping all the little things you get", she explained)a homemade bracelet, a book mark, miniature roses (which I gave her last year...)one even contained two mother of pearl buttons that I bought to replace the broken ones on this jacket, but never came around to sew on - now found and wrapped and unwrapped as a effective reminder ;o) Todays gift was a little Kinder Egg container filled with Princess´ own tea blend. Perfect for my sore throat :o)

torsdag, desember 09, 2010

Feed the birds

Princess loves all animals and birds and she is such a good, caring girl - making all the little birds happy with her seed cakes! Hopefully not making the cat equally happy by gathering plenty of bewinged lunches within reach... even though she cares a lot for him too, of course :o)

tirsdag, desember 07, 2010

Every day is a gift...

...and between the 1st and 24th of December there are gifts whithin the gift! Princess is very happy with this years advent calendar. My plan is to gradually replace the gifts with x-mas cards and let the 6 x 4 hearts wirework board decorate the sitting room wall through Christmas.

onsdag, desember 01, 2010

Another secret, another glimpse

This picture shows my lap covered in my beloved hexagon blanket (which I named Oriental Garden)as I am picking up another secret x-mas-related project to have a few rows done. In my opinion one of my very best and very refined qualities is to make myself comfortable and ENJOY being secretive! (yes, I had numerous lit candles and a mug of tea close at hand as well...)