fredag, januar 30, 2009

May I present: The Big Grey!

Here it is, my beloved Big Grey! It was finished during the first week of December and I practically moved into it as soon as the last end was woven in. So no it has more or less adapted to my body shape, as you can see in the pictures :o) The window backlight also describes the very light and airy quality of the garment - ah, it is wonderful! Pattern: my own, with simple and more complicated plaits/cables Yarn: 450 g Mohair Lux Needles: 5 mm circulars

torsdag, januar 29, 2009

Scarf for Princess

A few hours on the train & a new scarf for Princess is ready to wear! The yarn was bought in Rome

torsdag, januar 15, 2009

Happy New Year! At last...

I´ve been busy doing nothing for weeks ;0) We had a superb holiday down under! Thank you so much, M-family, for having us and for making our stay truly wonderful and unforgettable :0) The little vest is the first FO of 2009, and it was made for MM just before we left. The pattern was kind of created along the way, inspired by the traditional Norwegian patterns. I hope it will still fit when fall reaches you, M! The yarn is vintage Peer Gynt (100 % wool); leftovers from Mr. EMs knitting escapade during the 80s.