torsdag, mai 27, 2010

Soft and scrappy baskets

The eager observer will recognize the background from a few posts back; my scrap baskets were made for our closet at the cabin - to organize all the little items like extra toothpaste and cotton pads that are floating around on a big shelf inside the closet, occupying valuable space meant for storing clothes. They are also practical for placing on the bathroom shelf when we are staying for a few days - they save space, keeps the small bathroom tidy and look cute enough to be displayed. Or what? the pattern for a bread basket came handy - thank you UnePune!

fredag, mai 21, 2010

Blonde Ambitions

Thank you for complimenting me on my speediness on the Granny blanket from last post Trinemor - I will need to keep up this speed now, as I just started designing and knitting a wedding bolero for a dear friend... it is due June 12th! Yes, this is a blonde ambition! ("blonde" is Norwegian for lace, and "blond" is Norwegian for the colour of my hair...)

tirsdag, mai 18, 2010

Folklore Forever!

This is the finished Granny Square blanket seen for the first time in it´s natural environment as Sir Attenborough would have put it :o) It is made from various scraps of wool and alpaca - and a considerable stack of new alpaca skeins for the joining together and the border. Never the less my scrap stash has shrunk a great deal. This is my 3rd and by far quickest crochet blanket. It was started om April 1st and finished om May 16th. It measures ca 200 x 135 cm, and probably weighs more than 2 kg... It consists of 126 squares of musty, folklore-like colours. They match my parents traditionally decorated cabin so well you would think the blanket is far older than the actual cabin (built in 2000/2001)...

mandag, mai 03, 2010

Joining forces

Again, thanks fo the nice comments - I am sooo glad you liked the little scarf from last post, Formigrafisk! And it warms my heart that you appreciate my love for details. I have been like a hooker on speed lately - or at least doing some high speed hooking - so all 126 granny squares for the cabin blanket are finished. I have even started joining them together, using a clever method described in a tutorial here. So far it looks a bit wonky, but I think that it will all come together nicely in the end. And with a little steaming and pressing it should be close to perfect. As perfect as a scrap project containing various qalities and weights can be ;o)