onsdag, februar 24, 2010

In The Pink

After swatching at the last knitting café I finally got around to actually start knitting stockings for Princess. Pretty, pale pink alpaca and a simple lace pattern on 2 mm bamboo dpns will hopefully end up as beautiful, soft and warm under the knee stockings. Princess knows exactely what she wants; her design talent is significant - but it is up to me to transform her ideas into functional garments ;o)

tirsdag, februar 16, 2010

Doing & undoing

The Next Big Thing has shrunk!!! No, I didn´t have a laundry accident - I just realised that I had to rip poor Lola when she was half done. She was getting too wide, and I was running out of yarn. It also seems that the colourway of my beloved Miski has been discontinued (wich is probably why I found it on sale in the first place...). Maybe the yarn will last for a slimmer fit? Here I go again, from where the yoke is divided into sleeves and body. Fingers crossed & needles at high speed for a better result this time!

onsdag, februar 03, 2010

The Next Big Thing

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...will be Lola! She has been lingering in my head as well as in my almanac (the blank pages are excellent for quick sketches!) since mid November - and was reluctantly put on hold because of the x-mas present knitting. Anyway, here it is - the Next Big Thing on the needles! I am going for a tunic/dress kind of garment, and I make the pattern up as I go. As usual... The Noro Coucharon - here seen in its previous life - has a tighter 1 ply twist while the Miski (100 % baby lama) from Du store alpakka - seen here, scroll down a bit - is a very soft and light 2 ply. So I actually did knit up a fairly sized swatch to reality check my great idea! 6 mm needles seem to be good for both the 2x2 rib and the drop stitch pattern. It looks like this top-down-raglan-dress will finally unite the two georgious yarns - and I think in an even better way than I imagined when I first bought the Miski. Our upcoming weekend trip to a mountain inn will probably provide plenty of outdoor/skiing time AND indoor/knitting time. Perfect for some progress on The Next Big Thing! Why she is called Lola? It just fell into my head at last Thursdays knitting café, so I´ll keep the name for now