tirsdag, mars 10, 2009

Naughty Knitter

The title of todays post is referring to the "promise" I made in my last post: I would rip and redo the green cardie before posting anything else. Well. I misbehaved! I finished this Noro Coucharon vest instead. Actually, I double-misbehaved, as I did not make this thingy into a long sleeved jacket as planned. To make a nice sleeve joint I would have to make the body smaller, or narrower. As it is now, the shoulders/arm holes hangs a few inches down my upper arm. At the knitting café last week, we decided I should have a go for a short sleeved jacket, using the last few yards of the Noro yarn to knit up stitches and add a couple of inches around the arm holes, forming little sleeves. This is the result - but I am not sure this garment will survive for long... the yarn is far too precious to end as a little used garment. I said "little used" on purpose, as I do plan to use it a bit to see if I like wearing it enough to justify NOT ripping it

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