torsdag, august 20, 2009

London Calling - again!

London was great! The U2 show was beyond great! The We will rock you-musical (based on Queens music) was cool and fun, the company was the best, the weather was nice, the shopping (including a few hours at Camden Market - hadn´t been there since 1994!) was excellent... and my long awaited visit at Loop ended up with a surprisingly modest yarn purchase shown below. The shop itself was super cute and the staff very friendly and welcoming. This will definitely be a regular stop on my London visits. All the yarn is available from the online store, of course, but nothing compares to the real thing ;-)

Crazy Zauerball Sock Yarn; 75% wool, 25% nylon

tirsdag, august 11, 2009

Isn´t she lovely

Supernøtts Little Miss arrived on July 14th, and I must admit I´ve been awaiting her arrival with impatience and excitement! I hope she will enjoy this little warming and welcoming Lazy Daisy Baby Jacket (and I think it will match the blanket from granny...?!?). For once I finished the garment BEFORE the baby was born, but of course I didn´t want to spoil the surprise by blogging it before the wee one (and her mum) had seen it "in person". So here it is in all its scrappy glory :o))

PS - if anyone is still in doubt: the headline applies foremost to Little Miss. Even though the jacket came out pretty cute too ;o)