torsdag, august 21, 2008

Hat # 2

Knitting is a bit slow right now. The pace of everyday life is changing radically (from "on top of it all at a pleasant speed" to "What?! Who? Me??") as Princess has been back to scool since Monday. Early mornings and rather long days at work + an art piece comission has kept me busy. And I have an urge to go to sleep at nine in the evenings. I really hope for some clear days now; I think lack of daylight is my biggest challenge! The sun is out today, though, and it is wonderful! During the winter I guess I will keep my Therapy Lamp close - and lit! ;o)

The colourful glimpse abouve shows a piece of Cancer Hat # 2 (60% done at the mo). I hope this will keep somebodys head warm through the same winter. I count my own blessings everyday, and I am grateful. Contributing to the Pink Ribbon inspired hat project is yet another blessing.

tirsdag, august 12, 2008

Hat # 1

This is my first hat for this years Pink Ribbon knit along; "Luer for huer" initiated by Irenesol. Hopefully there will be many more before October - my stash and scraps should most certainly be a perfect source for soft, warm, colourful, pretty, cool and maybe funny or even ugly hats ;o) Pattern: my own (very simple baggy shape with a square decrease)

yarn: Alpaca (Du store Alpakka) and Fabel variegated sock yarn (Garnstudio). Less than 50 g all together Needles: 3 mm circular and dpns

fredag, august 08, 2008

Baby Ripple

The Sweet Sweater has been out and about lately, and recieved numerous compliments "live" as well as on the blog. Thank you all! This pleases me of course - and I am determined that I will knit more similar sweaters. Being a "odd skein"/stash/scrap-project it still produced more leftovers. And as I guess you all know: stash projects often requires new yarn purchases to finish the project... and so on. The Sweet Sweater colours are sweet enough for any baby girl, and to calm it down and add a little retro edge I bought two balls of brown linen/viscose, and I actually needed every inch of it to finish this little Baby Ripple Blanket. And the last few inches of all the other colours came to use for the border. I think I have 1,2 m of the sparkly purple and maybe 5 m of the other purple. Not bad! Resulting in quite a qute blanket :o) Finished size: 55 x 80 cm (should fit as a baby carriage cover) Pattern: Ripple, pattern to be found in numerous books and on endless amount of blogs Yarn: Cotton, linen/viscose, viscose and acetat (various brands) Hook: 4 mm

tirsdag, august 05, 2008

EZ Heart Hat

The hat modelled by a Baby Born doll - proving that my gauge has

produced a garment that will fit a newborn baby. Oh, soooo cute!!!

This is the beautiful Heart Hat - a very fun and fast knit that turned out to be at a perfect gauge to match the size of the Baby Surprise. No doubt Elizabeth Zimmerman must have been a true genious - and for a knitter with just a hint of imagination her books (that might look a bit dull and dry) are a rich well of inspiration and brilliant technical insight. I am truly happy and thankful that her work was documented and published for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from.