torsdag, august 21, 2008

Hat # 2

Knitting is a bit slow right now. The pace of everyday life is changing radically (from "on top of it all at a pleasant speed" to "What?! Who? Me??") as Princess has been back to scool since Monday. Early mornings and rather long days at work + an art piece comission has kept me busy. And I have an urge to go to sleep at nine in the evenings. I really hope for some clear days now; I think lack of daylight is my biggest challenge! The sun is out today, though, and it is wonderful! During the winter I guess I will keep my Therapy Lamp close - and lit! ;o)

The colourful glimpse abouve shows a piece of Cancer Hat # 2 (60% done at the mo). I hope this will keep somebodys head warm through the same winter. I count my own blessings everyday, and I am grateful. Contributing to the Pink Ribbon inspired hat project is yet another blessing.

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