mandag, mai 30, 2011

Yellow to green - May to June

So what is this yellow-green-blurry stuff all about? Well, obviously it is another mobile camera shot. To me it is a lot more. The photos were taken last week, on a rainy day, so the colour truly shouted out for attention and definitely caught mine. The thousands of little maple flowers contrasts beautifully with the charcoal colour of the pavement, seen below. Sights and moments like this make me feel happy and even make me understand myself better and knowledge who I am. Strange and peculiar, you say? Oh, well, I guess it takes one to know one :o)

fredag, mai 27, 2011


Another of last weekends projects: an old - and far too small - wrap skirt from my glorious Bergen days was turned into a flary top for Princess. She has actually claimed she will wear it for her junior highschool photo. A very convincing and effective way of proving the little redesign project successful! :o)

onsdag, mai 25, 2011

Growth... hopefully!

Already halfway through the week! Last weekend was a very active one, proving several topics to blog. Today I just wanted to post this (mobile camera) photo to document this new little rockery flowerbed. In time I will probably expand it, and also make the edge prettier adding nice(r) stones. This modestly sized patch alone actually involved a serious effort with hoe and spade, to get rid of the turf and all the unwanted roots from various weed. I added cow dung/compost for some of the plants, and a generous layer of fresh fertile soil. Only a few of the plants are real rockery plants, but hopefully they will all thrive and make this little spot of the garden a bit more welcoming and exuberant! A follow-up post in a few weeks time will reveal my gardening skills...

søndag, mai 22, 2011

Hommage a Purpur

Last weekend I finally got around to visit Purpur, a truly wonderful shop at Grünerløkka in Oslo. The owner is just as nice and likeable as I imagined. I have been "visiting" the shop online many times by following the blog. As it turned out I almost missed the real life experience as Krista is now closing down the shop. I know she has got a lot of regular clients and customers regretting this fact - but on the plus side, there is a closing down sale going on... I was lucky enough to get this BIG quilted Rie Elise Larsen blanket and pillowcase at a very good price. A bargain, I would say! Thank you for all the nice glimpses into the Purpur ("Purple") world, Krista, and good luck with all your future creative projects. I hope you will enjoy this new freedom and I am sure your enterprice combined with your delightful personality will bring you success and happiness :o)

PS - the mobile camera is still my everyday camera - some shots are OK, some are awful. The camera is only partly to blame, as I have been too lazy to explore its possibilities. Right now the choice is between blogging crappy photos or not blogging at all, so as you can see, I go with crappy ;o)

fredag, mai 13, 2011

Fancy Granny

Digging into my stash again... This time (as always) the yarn is a mix of most fibres. The ply and chunkyness varies too. I adjust the size of the squares by alternate the crochet stitces; single crochet and double crochet. This makes quite an uneven grip to the finished fabric, but as usual I trust the beauty and livelyness of the colours and yarn qualities to provide charm enough to make me (and you) bear with the lumpyness that comes along ;o) I still have quite a few scrap balls of yarn left, so this might end up as a cozy not-so-little blanket. Un-edited photos by my mobile camera again, by the way.

mandag, mai 09, 2011

Cabin Fever

The weeks have just rushed by lately - it is about time to slow down and get into the blog-mode again. Thank you for nice comments while I have been away :o)

Well. This is a decoupage-project I did just before Easter, for our bedroom in my parents mountain cabin. The mirror is my old pine framed from my teenage bedroom. It was painted off white and decoupaged with clippings from paper napkins. The wild life/nature design is the same as for the cabins Fauna tableware.

Instead of insisting on demonstrating my own taste in decorating the cabin (I am a guest there, after all ;o) ), I try to add my personal touch by adapting and mixing the elements at hand. As I also did almost exactely a year ago, making this big granny square throw . The photos below are all taken with my mobile camera - no editing at all; just plain old laziness ;o)

Hm... I must say I think this mirror/drawer-arrangement looks better in real life!