mandag, mai 09, 2011

Cabin Fever

The weeks have just rushed by lately - it is about time to slow down and get into the blog-mode again. Thank you for nice comments while I have been away :o)

Well. This is a decoupage-project I did just before Easter, for our bedroom in my parents mountain cabin. The mirror is my old pine framed from my teenage bedroom. It was painted off white and decoupaged with clippings from paper napkins. The wild life/nature design is the same as for the cabins Fauna tableware.

Instead of insisting on demonstrating my own taste in decorating the cabin (I am a guest there, after all ;o) ), I try to add my personal touch by adapting and mixing the elements at hand. As I also did almost exactely a year ago, making this big granny square throw . The photos below are all taken with my mobile camera - no editing at all; just plain old laziness ;o)

Hm... I must say I think this mirror/drawer-arrangement looks better in real life!

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