lørdag, april 16, 2011

FO: Domino baby blanket

Thank you for the nice response on the previous post - hopefully you will like this one even better ;o)

Pattern: Well, not really, just playing around with basic domino squares and 11 slightly musty colours - and adding a retroish and hopefully manly (as the baby is a boy) touch with the crochet edge.

Yarn: 600 g of Pt5 Sport (80 % wool, 20 % nylon); 50 g of colours 233 (dark brown, discontinued), 327 (lilac, discontinued), 526 (offwhite/beige), 549 (burgundy), 520 (pale pink), 563 (dark plum) and 575 (navy) 100 g of colours 568 (dark blue) and (baby blue)

Size: Finished blanket measures 86 x 86 cm.

My eagerness and motivation has been a bit on and off through this project, which is perfectly normal for me in an extensive work like this one. It is so much fun to pick the yarn, doodle design ideas and get started. It is also a lot of fun to see how it developes and turn into a well working realisation of the initial idea. Then it is quite tedious for a long while; going on and on - square after square - and no more big surprises to look forward to. Then, again, for the last 1/5 or so of the work it is all fun and exhilirating again. This phase is often mixed with an impatient energy that keeps me going, as well as stirring up the desire to start a new project or two or tree right away... And what a great rush of content happiness when it finally comes together as a true FO, and a successful one too! Oh, yes, I am pleased! :o)

5 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Very impressive!
Beautifull :-)

Tea Kristin sa...

Det ble superfint!!! :D

Farmors sa...

For et fantastisk arbeid! Har ikke helt forstått slik dominostrikking. Finnes det oppskrift på dette teppet noe sted?

Inger Lise Libakken sa...

Farmors - jeg ser at bloggen din er i dvale, så jeg svarer her, og håper at du ser det: Jeg har ikke oppskrift på selve teppet - det er mitt eget "design" som har blitt til mens jeg strikket, mer eller mindre. Det jeg kan om dominostrikk, har jeg lært via denne boken av Vivian Høxbro: http://www.cappelendamm.no/main/katalog.aspx?isbn=8202196206 Den er meget instruktiv og lettfattelig, så jeg anbefaler den :o)

Velkommen til min kreative verden sa...

Aller først. Du har en fin tittel på bloggen din: )

Flott arbeid du har gjort. Stor jobb. Ellers likte jeg svært godt genser med den flotte kraven. En god ide