onsdag, april 13, 2011

At my wits end

"Poor thing, what a job it will be darning in all those ends!" people have told me glancing at the reverse side of the Domino baby blanket, compassionate sighing and a worried tone of voice on behalf of my wit and all these ends - and thereby the end of my wits... What a triumph then, to point out that I have actually knitted or weaved in all the ends as I went along. Of course a few ends did slip my attention, but I counted less than 10 ends of them needing to be darned in when the whole blanket was done - so if my wits are gone, this project is not to blame ;o) To make sure the ends were securely darned in I gave the blanket a good wool wash before blocking/drying and finally snipping named ends off. Stay tuned for real FO-phtos and FO-facts! The reverse side in all its neat and orderly glory

3 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Looking good!

Gørill sa...

For et fantastisk teppe! Ser ut til at jeg burde lære meg dette... men det er vel vanvittig mye jobb?

Anonym sa...

Nydelig teppe! Håper du og dine får ei fin påske! Travelt i Holte utpå Stangebygden.... kaffeogkake etter påske?