fredag, april 30, 2010


Thank you for the nice comments lately :o)

Today is Formigrafisks AND my own Supermans birthday - congratulations to both of you! I hope you like my little gift, Formigrafisk - after all it is directly inspired by you (and Dans på roser). This was the first of two narrow scarves I made as gifts during April. You can see the other one here.

mandag, april 26, 2010

Lucky, lycky me :o)

True love from a very dear friend! She gave me this beautiful ring as a late birthday present - I think it is needless to say it was worth the wait :o) Thank you sooooo much, A T! Our friendship means the world to me, and this heart is such a nice reminder. A few days before I got this ring, my little Princess decided to surprise me. I was happily crocheting away at the knitting café - yes, we are allowed both to knit and crochet ;o) - while she was baking these WONDERFUL cup cakes. What a yummy treat, and what a clever little Princess! Lucky, lucky me!

torsdag, april 22, 2010


Inspired by both Dans på roser and Formigrafisk I made this narrow scarf/neckpiece for a friends 40iest on april 15th. Congratulations to you, dear, and thank you for sharing your day with me and the other girls. A great night in even greater company! Thanks also to Dans på roser and Formigrafisk for all the inspiration you give us all on your great and beautiful blogs :o)

The scarf was made from scraps of cotton (the middle section) and two tones of Plumet (mohair/lambs wool/nylon). Moss stitch in the centre and a crochet lace all around. A crochet flower with a safety pin on the back makes it easy to vary the use and look of the scarf. It was a joy to make and a joy to give away, as the recipient texted me the day after to let me know it looked great on!

mandag, april 19, 2010

Yet a gigantic blanket?!?

As usual, I tried NOT to think of ideas for new, big projects as I finished the last (the ripple), and as usual I just could not help myself... The colours of these granny squares are a bit musty and retro-ish pointing vaguely bacwards to the 70s and will work great in my parents mountain cabin. So far, all the yarn has been found in my considerable stash of scrap yarn/odd balls - but I will need refill to make the blanket as big as I like. It should cover a bed measuring 120 x 200 cm, as this is the size of our guest bed at home AND our bed at the cabin. I also like my blankets to fill more than one purpose. If "draping my self in velvet" is out of reach (ref. George in the Seinfeld show...), this size will make sure I can really wrap myself in granny squares, snuggling up on the comfortable corner sofa. I already bought a couple of thin alpaca balls in an coordinating colour, for the joining together of the squares and my experience with so called scrap projects is that these will not be the last.

As usual, I tried to convince myself that it is OK to make the blanket as big as the yarn I already got allows, and as usual I did not buy this sensible yet unreasonably idealistic idea - so we´ll see if my stubbornness wins this time as well. My latest calculations concludes that I will need 126 squares + a border to make the blanket the desired size. 54 squares done, 72 to go... It can be a bit of a challenge being equally impatient and enduring! Update: while blogsurfing right after posting this, I discovered a VERY familiar-looking crocheter in the formigrafisk blog. Likewise, dear friend - it was a great catch up on life and rippling - and you are making excellent waves! :-)

tirsdag, april 13, 2010

The Rising of the Ripple

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER DEAR!!! I hope you have a great day, and that you enjoy the present (not the ripple, I´m afraid...)

So, this is it for the ripple... it took me a couple of years! Most of the time it has been stashed away while I´ve been working on other stuff, but here it is, all 155 x 200 cm of it! As you can see, even the last little scrap of yarn was used for the narrow border. This fact makes me feel sooo proud, as it is kind of a proof of this being a scrap project ;0) It all started here, and as I had miscalculated the number of stitches for the original width of 90 cm, I soon realised I would need more baby wool. MUCH more!

Yarn: 1626 g baby wool (different brands)
Pattern: Traditional ripple; 6 double crochets between every zig and zag!
Hook: 4 mm

fredag, april 09, 2010

Pretty pretty...

First of all; thank you very much for the award, Moan!!! I am honoured :-)

Princess is very happy and pleased with her new stockings - she designed dem herself for me to knit, and they were done just in time for the Easter break. She wore dem indoors during our weekend at the mountain cottage, but the original idea was to wear them on her way to and from her dance class. Alpaca is not exactely a durable fibre for socks, so I guess my "thumb-heal" will come handy. It is easily replaced - I keep the scrap yarn on hold ready for the first hole on the heel to appear ;o) Design: Princess Pattern: My own Yarn: almost 100 g of Drops thin alpaca Needles: 2 mm dpns

PS - the ripple was FINALLY finished during Easter - stay tuned for some bragging pictures!