torsdag, april 22, 2010


Inspired by both Dans på roser and Formigrafisk I made this narrow scarf/neckpiece for a friends 40iest on april 15th. Congratulations to you, dear, and thank you for sharing your day with me and the other girls. A great night in even greater company! Thanks also to Dans på roser and Formigrafisk for all the inspiration you give us all on your great and beautiful blogs :o)

The scarf was made from scraps of cotton (the middle section) and two tones of Plumet (mohair/lambs wool/nylon). Moss stitch in the centre and a crochet lace all around. A crochet flower with a safety pin on the back makes it easy to vary the use and look of the scarf. It was a joy to make and a joy to give away, as the recipient texted me the day after to let me know it looked great on!

2 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Så utrolig søtt!

formigrafisk sa...

Så utrolig nydelig. Helt fantastisk vakkert, bare til å dåne av. Skjønner? Jeg er helt fan og kløner i veg på tresko i forhold til denne tåspissdansen din.
Meget lekkert!