mandag, april 19, 2010

Yet a gigantic blanket?!?

As usual, I tried NOT to think of ideas for new, big projects as I finished the last (the ripple), and as usual I just could not help myself... The colours of these granny squares are a bit musty and retro-ish pointing vaguely bacwards to the 70s and will work great in my parents mountain cabin. So far, all the yarn has been found in my considerable stash of scrap yarn/odd balls - but I will need refill to make the blanket as big as I like. It should cover a bed measuring 120 x 200 cm, as this is the size of our guest bed at home AND our bed at the cabin. I also like my blankets to fill more than one purpose. If "draping my self in velvet" is out of reach (ref. George in the Seinfeld show...), this size will make sure I can really wrap myself in granny squares, snuggling up on the comfortable corner sofa. I already bought a couple of thin alpaca balls in an coordinating colour, for the joining together of the squares and my experience with so called scrap projects is that these will not be the last.

As usual, I tried to convince myself that it is OK to make the blanket as big as the yarn I already got allows, and as usual I did not buy this sensible yet unreasonably idealistic idea - so we´ll see if my stubbornness wins this time as well. My latest calculations concludes that I will need 126 squares + a border to make the blanket the desired size. 54 squares done, 72 to go... It can be a bit of a challenge being equally impatient and enduring! Update: while blogsurfing right after posting this, I discovered a VERY familiar-looking crocheter in the formigrafisk blog. Likewise, dear friend - it was a great catch up on life and rippling - and you are making excellent waves! :-)

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