onsdag, juli 22, 2009

No cabin fever for Fiberfeber

We are going to stay at my parents cabin for a few days. My happiness is not weather dependent - I´ll be knitting and crocheting in sunshine or rain :o)

The only new project I am bringing is this one; a halter neck top for Princess. Yarn: Cotton Viscose by garnstudio. Needles: 3,5 mm. Pattern: my own (2 x 2 ribbing is hardly a pattern design - but there will be more shaping involved later, I promise!)
The lace stola is still growing; a few more repeats and I am ready for the edging.
The never ending story II... (the first one was the hexagon blanket). Still around 50 cm of rippling to go.

mandag, juli 13, 2009

Ripplin´ progress

2 good 2 b 4gotten! The ripple blanket has been resting peacefully in its basket all winter and all spring. I brought it with me to a knitting café a few weeks ago, trying to gently wake it from its long slumber. I think I finished one single row that night. Finally, this weekend, the time was right for some serious ripplin´ again! I think I still have 76 or so rows to go - but I´ll get there! Eventually...

torsdag, juli 09, 2009


The pretty lace stola for Princess grows quickly. I think it measures 60 cm or so right now, so I am fairy optimistic about finishing this one in time. Also considering there will be some timeconsuming dressmaking during the summer. Of course I have plenty of UFOs and ideas for new projects too. And what do you know - there´s a sale at my LYS this month... No idle hands!

fredag, juli 03, 2009

Glimpses - 2nd of July

Detail from Jacob Weidemans home. Lillehammer South Park, Lillehammer Detail from Jacob Weidemans home. Lillehammer More details from Jacob Weidemans home. Lillehammer At Hoel Gård, Nes

...and one last detail from Jacob Weidemans home. Lillehammer We also visited Sigrid Undsets home, Lillehammer. At noon we had a very nice lunch break at wonderful Skafferiet, Helgøya