onsdag, april 22, 2009

Friends Forever!

Spring is my favourite time of year - and cutting branches of unknown species, taking them in and waiting for them to bud and bloom is a joy! This time the result was a great surprise - wonderful little boquets of tiny acid yellowgreen flowers
I guess I will go on and on about me turning 40 on April 3rd all through 2009... because I continuously find good reasons and perfect excuses to celebrate a bit more ;o) Last Friday the festivity was in teh form of a great Girls Night Out at a coffee shop/tapas place. I had encouraged my friends to bring knitting/chrochet projects, and a few did - but I was the only one actually knitting that night. And, despite the wine, I didn´t have to rip a single stitch the next day! Not bad... I have recieved so many wonderful gifts from friends and family, and on my way home that night I had my bicycle basket packed with a big bunch of pink tulips (shown here), a red and black Pashmnina shawl, 4 delicious big bags of tea, a very pretty silver necklace with a silver lace heart containing pearls (I am wearing it in the photos of my last entry), an inspiring re-design book (shown below) and a very welcome gift voucher for my favourite LYS. Last, but absolutely not least; I was wearing my new, beautiful ring (also shown below). Thank you sooooo much every single one of you - for the great birthday gifts, of course, but just as much for the gift of your friendship


mandag, april 20, 2009

Green Sleeves aka Green Gracious

Here she is, at last - my Green Sleeves! I want to acknowledge Glampyre of Glampyre Knits for the original Back to Scool U-neck vest-pattern, which was my inspiration for this cardigan. Thank you - your Fitted Knits are great :o) My choice of yarn was a fingering weight alpaca, so I had to convert all the stitch numbers. I also chose a raglan decrease instead of joined sleeves, and my neckline is quite narrow compare to the original. I think my altered design has a hint of 1940 or something to it and I love the result! I go green! ;o) ...and thanks to Superman for the photos and for a wonderful weekend ;o)

tirsdag, april 14, 2009

Easter Resymé

The photos in this resymé were all taken this morning - indoors. The returning daylight is bliss - even though it is far from enough to get sharp shots without a camera stand. But the colours came out pretty true, so I´ll live with the blur :-))

This is how far I got on the second Zebra Jaywalker... I just could not figure out how to get started on the zig zag, even though I had a freshly printed copy of the pattern right in front of me. Sooner or later I WILL finish it though - the first one fits snuggly and nice but will look twice as good being part of a couple ;o) Of course I had taken precautions when packing for my Easter break - so I cast on and knitted a few inches on the baby blue retro cardie. During Easter I did a decent milage of cross country and spent an even more decent amount of time sitting in the snow whith the sun baking above -knitting away! Yesterday, on the last day of the Easter break, I finally pulled myself together and ripped the green cardie down to the joining of sleeves/body. The flappy necline/bust portion ruined an otherwise great design, so I had no choice, really. I successfully picked the stitches back up and will hopefully finish it before Friday as I plan to wear it Friday night. I also plan to have a few photos taken - I think the green one will deserve a bit of web-fame when it is done :o)