mandag, april 20, 2009

Green Sleeves aka Green Gracious

Here she is, at last - my Green Sleeves! I want to acknowledge Glampyre of Glampyre Knits for the original Back to Scool U-neck vest-pattern, which was my inspiration for this cardigan. Thank you - your Fitted Knits are great :o) My choice of yarn was a fingering weight alpaca, so I had to convert all the stitch numbers. I also chose a raglan decrease instead of joined sleeves, and my neckline is quite narrow compare to the original. I think my altered design has a hint of 1940 or something to it and I love the result! I go green! ;o) ...and thanks to Superman for the photos and for a wonderful weekend ;o)

3 kommentarer:

britt sa...

Den er rigtig, rigtig fin! Smuk pasform og fantastisk farve!
:-) Britt

myrtle sa...

Oj, den var fin! Liker både fasongen og fargen.

Stefanie sa...

Beautiful knitting, and the color is very pretty on you!