onsdag, april 22, 2009

Friends Forever!

Spring is my favourite time of year - and cutting branches of unknown species, taking them in and waiting for them to bud and bloom is a joy! This time the result was a great surprise - wonderful little boquets of tiny acid yellowgreen flowers
I guess I will go on and on about me turning 40 on April 3rd all through 2009... because I continuously find good reasons and perfect excuses to celebrate a bit more ;o) Last Friday the festivity was in teh form of a great Girls Night Out at a coffee shop/tapas place. I had encouraged my friends to bring knitting/chrochet projects, and a few did - but I was the only one actually knitting that night. And, despite the wine, I didn´t have to rip a single stitch the next day! Not bad... I have recieved so many wonderful gifts from friends and family, and on my way home that night I had my bicycle basket packed with a big bunch of pink tulips (shown here), a red and black Pashmnina shawl, 4 delicious big bags of tea, a very pretty silver necklace with a silver lace heart containing pearls (I am wearing it in the photos of my last entry), an inspiring re-design book (shown below) and a very welcome gift voucher for my favourite LYS. Last, but absolutely not least; I was wearing my new, beautiful ring (also shown below). Thank you sooooo much every single one of you - for the great birthday gifts, of course, but just as much for the gift of your friendship


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formigrafisk sa...

Tusen takk for fin kveld!
Veldig hyggelig at du likte gaven!
Vi skulle gjerne hatt ringen selv, derfor er det en god følelse å gi den bort til en kjær venninde, som også liker den!
Synes vi traff blink, jeg!