fredag, mai 29, 2009

Red shoes rule!

Red, shining sandals bought in Berlin this week - I am soooo ready for summer!!! Some of you might remember another favourite pair. Click and peek! More Berlin images later.

lørdag, mai 23, 2009


The incredible softness, lightness and warming abilities of these angora wrist/hand-warmers will hopefully be a bliss & joy to wear for the recipient. They were made a few weeks ago and kept secret as they were intended as a birthday gift for this very special, super-talented friend. Better late than never...? CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATIONS!!

tirsdag, mai 19, 2009

The Merry Month of May...

...comes withh sunshine AND grey! Today is a rainy and cold excuse for a day of spring so the wrist warmers for Princess came handy... Pattern: my own - and I am not pleased with the too narrow and too wavy white edge, but Princess decided that the wrist warmers are perfect just as they are. Well. Thank you, love! Enjoy! :o) Yarn: ca 30 g brownish Silk Alpaca + ca 20 g pale green pure angora (vintage, no tag) + ca 5 g white pure angora (also vintage, tag said Pauline or something) Needles: 3 mm bamboo dpns

tirsdag, mai 12, 2009

Bye Bye Incognito

By guiding you to my newly established homepage/blog I am now going public! The timing is as good as any; Østlandsutstillingen 2009 opened on May 9th and I am represented by one piece of jewellery.

mandag, mai 04, 2009

Grønt og hvitt - laget mitt :o)

Heia HamKam!

The last knitted secret hat, or secretly knitted hat, for a while, I think. This one was for my Handy Hunks birthday on April 30th - congratulations, Superman! As you can see you are now officially approved as Handyman ;-) Yarn: ca 25 g green "Inca Alpaca" (fingering weight) + ca 20 g off white "Tynn Alpakka" (Du store alpakka, also fingering) Needles: 2 mm circulars + 2 mm dpns Pattern: my own