lørdag, oktober 23, 2010

Domino progress

I have been told that the unborn recipient of this Domino WIP will be a boy - and he is LUCKILY due quite a few weeks later than first expected. This means that some of my plans for home made x-mas gifts may also come to life ;o)

mandag, oktober 18, 2010

Rainbow sleeves

Princess often tells me that she wants me to make her cardigans, sweaters etc - especially every time I finish something for myself. In 2008 I made a very warm raglan cardie as seen below, and last week I cast on for a similar one for Princess. Hopefully it will do as a x-mas present. The yarn is fingering weight Fabel (75 % merino wool, 25 % nylon) + Alpaca in Princess´version while my own was Noro Silk Garden + one strand Alpaca/one strand Carisma (100% wool). 3 mm needles seem to make the right gauge for a nice and soft fabric. The Fabel rainbow yarn is fairly similar to the Noro colourway on my jacket, which I think will please the recipient. I really hope this garment will be loved and worn by Princess when it is finished.

lørdag, oktober 02, 2010

Expecting more cold weather

I think this beautiful Arwetta Classic (80 % merino wool, 20 % nylon) could be suitable (and is maybe designed for) knitting socks. I´m planning a hat, though, and maybe some finger mittens if my 100 g lasts for both. Maybe this time I will even search for and actually follow a pattern :-))