torsdag, juli 29, 2010

Photoreport #1 from Greece: Nature & animals

Above: Beautiful and peculiar plants in Ano Syros
Above: Dividing flower wall right outside our door in Galissas Above: Beach lilly, Dellagratsia (Poseidonia) Above and below: sunset in Galissas, seen from our favourite taverna Above: The very friendly neighbourhood dog came to see us every afternoon

Below: a baby lizard right outside the St. Georges Cathedral, Ano Syros

Above: cool citrus colours, but an awful smell...

Below: the all over present Bougainvillea

mandag, juli 26, 2010

Greek holiday progress

Our week in Syros, Greece, was wonderful and thanks to the wide brimmed hats, Spf 30 and big parasols at the beach and by the pool we could enjoy the warm, sunny weather every single day. The detail photos in this post are mostly from the beautiful medieval village of Ano Syros, but the above photo is from the island of Tinos not far from Syros. The photo below shows my progress on sleeve #1 for Supermans cardigan 36 hours after leaving Norway. I nearly finished both sleeves during the week. Well, they are not actually finished as this is going to be a raglan cardigan - but still...they are up to the arm pitt and I am happy with the progress!
Princess made this mosaic heart at the beach of Galissas

fredag, juli 16, 2010

Cool tank for hot days

My beautiful Princess is finally wearing her ice blue Cotton Viscose tank top - I hope it was worth the wait! It definitely fits her, especially after I ripped the neck strap back quite a few inches. The bottom pictures shows how uneven the fabric came out when I picked up this project after exactely one year... the difference between last summers even and nice gauge and this summers crazy-ugly gauge is obvious, but luckily the soak in a mild detergent DID even it out enough for me to be willing to let it pass as "good enough"... Above; after a good soak and flat drying. Below; barely off the needles in all its misery - and below; the faithful dummy wearing the tank pre-soaking and with adult length neck strap. The difference between 2009 gauge and 2010 gauge was too much for me to bear...

søndag, juli 11, 2010

Summer in the City

Summer in the city can be easy breezy! All this greenery and the peaceful scenes are surrounded by the quite noisy and loud streets and railway tracks of our town centre. At the moment the soundtrack of these images is a mix of pouring rain and sunday traffic right outside the garden fence. The cars can be disturbing sometimes, but luckily both Superman and I find the noise of the railway and trains romantic, soothing and charming. The veranda (not shown in this post) is a perfect place for reading in this kind of weather, at least if you keep dressed to protect arms and legs from the mosqitos. As soon as the sun is back there will be executed some serious laziness in the hammock too :o)

fredag, juli 09, 2010


Agurknytt means "cucumber news" which refers to an old English proverb; summer = the tailors holiday and time enough to grow cucumbers... in Norway the term agurknytt refers to the seasons lack of important news in the paper, and the journalists more or less making up news to fill the pages. This post is in the same category... in lack of something new to brag about I´ll scorn myself instead, by showing you how badly I am failing at my numerous attempts of getting the tension/gauge right on this tank top for Princess. I have no idea why I am unable to knit up a smooth and delicate fabric as the bottom 15 cm from last summer shows. Anyhow; I have decided that a "soak & press"-treatment will help a lot and if the difference between the lower and upper part is still bothering me I´ll add a ribbon to enhance this accidental line. PS - I am not growing cucumbers, but I am very pleased that the things I actually do grow is blooming willingly right now, so here you go...

lørdag, juli 03, 2010

The Baglady strikes again!

First of all; welcome to the summer exhibitiom at Galleri Fjordheim! It opens on Sunday 4th at 12.00. I present 8 pieces of jewellery, in the company of several other artists. It will be open until August 8th, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00-16.00.

The finished Circle-in-square-cotton-scrap-project is done and even found it´s use. A multi-purpose tote/bag, at the moment holding an UFO and the two little bags pictured further down.

...not exactely matchy-matchy; I couldn´t be bothered to change the outfit of my ready-to-party-girlfriend here... she does the job, though, showing the proportions of the bag ;o)

It feels sooooo good to use even the scraps of the scraps for something handy like these little purses. The bigger one is lined with scraps from the same white cotton sheet as the big bag - and I took the trouble of adding a zipper to keep the little scissors, measuring tape, cell phone or whatever safe inside.