søndag, juli 11, 2010

Summer in the City

Summer in the city can be easy breezy! All this greenery and the peaceful scenes are surrounded by the quite noisy and loud streets and railway tracks of our town centre. At the moment the soundtrack of these images is a mix of pouring rain and sunday traffic right outside the garden fence. The cars can be disturbing sometimes, but luckily both Superman and I find the noise of the railway and trains romantic, soothing and charming. The veranda (not shown in this post) is a perfect place for reading in this kind of weather, at least if you keep dressed to protect arms and legs from the mosqitos. As soon as the sun is back there will be executed some serious laziness in the hammock too :o)

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Myrtle sa...

Guri malla... tenk å hatt en sånn hage da... Ser ut på min egen (forsømte), og kan konstatere at det er STOR forskjell. Til mitt forsvar: vi har hatt bare møkkavær hele sommeren.