lørdag, juli 03, 2010

The Baglady strikes again!

First of all; welcome to the summer exhibitiom at Galleri Fjordheim! It opens on Sunday 4th at 12.00. I present 8 pieces of jewellery, in the company of several other artists. It will be open until August 8th, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00-16.00.

The finished Circle-in-square-cotton-scrap-project is done and even found it´s use. A multi-purpose tote/bag, at the moment holding an UFO and the two little bags pictured further down.

...not exactely matchy-matchy; I couldn´t be bothered to change the outfit of my ready-to-party-girlfriend here... she does the job, though, showing the proportions of the bag ;o)

It feels sooooo good to use even the scraps of the scraps for something handy like these little purses. The bigger one is lined with scraps from the same white cotton sheet as the big bag - and I took the trouble of adding a zipper to keep the little scissors, measuring tape, cell phone or whatever safe inside.

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