fredag, juli 09, 2010


Agurknytt means "cucumber news" which refers to an old English proverb; summer = the tailors holiday and time enough to grow cucumbers... in Norway the term agurknytt refers to the seasons lack of important news in the paper, and the journalists more or less making up news to fill the pages. This post is in the same category... in lack of something new to brag about I´ll scorn myself instead, by showing you how badly I am failing at my numerous attempts of getting the tension/gauge right on this tank top for Princess. I have no idea why I am unable to knit up a smooth and delicate fabric as the bottom 15 cm from last summer shows. Anyhow; I have decided that a "soak & press"-treatment will help a lot and if the difference between the lower and upper part is still bothering me I´ll add a ribbon to enhance this accidental line. PS - I am not growing cucumbers, but I am very pleased that the things I actually do grow is blooming willingly right now, so here you go...

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Moan sa...

Good one! I guess it doesn't show after "the treatment".
Love your flower!