lørdag, april 16, 2011

FO: Domino baby blanket

Thank you for the nice response on the previous post - hopefully you will like this one even better ;o)

Pattern: Well, not really, just playing around with basic domino squares and 11 slightly musty colours - and adding a retroish and hopefully manly (as the baby is a boy) touch with the crochet edge.

Yarn: 600 g of Pt5 Sport (80 % wool, 20 % nylon); 50 g of colours 233 (dark brown, discontinued), 327 (lilac, discontinued), 526 (offwhite/beige), 549 (burgundy), 520 (pale pink), 563 (dark plum) and 575 (navy) 100 g of colours 568 (dark blue) and (baby blue)

Size: Finished blanket measures 86 x 86 cm.

My eagerness and motivation has been a bit on and off through this project, which is perfectly normal for me in an extensive work like this one. It is so much fun to pick the yarn, doodle design ideas and get started. It is also a lot of fun to see how it developes and turn into a well working realisation of the initial idea. Then it is quite tedious for a long while; going on and on - square after square - and no more big surprises to look forward to. Then, again, for the last 1/5 or so of the work it is all fun and exhilirating again. This phase is often mixed with an impatient energy that keeps me going, as well as stirring up the desire to start a new project or two or tree right away... And what a great rush of content happiness when it finally comes together as a true FO, and a successful one too! Oh, yes, I am pleased! :o)

onsdag, april 13, 2011

At my wits end

"Poor thing, what a job it will be darning in all those ends!" people have told me glancing at the reverse side of the Domino baby blanket, compassionate sighing and a worried tone of voice on behalf of my wit and all these ends - and thereby the end of my wits... What a triumph then, to point out that I have actually knitted or weaved in all the ends as I went along. Of course a few ends did slip my attention, but I counted less than 10 ends of them needing to be darned in when the whole blanket was done - so if my wits are gone, this project is not to blame ;o) To make sure the ends were securely darned in I gave the blanket a good wool wash before blocking/drying and finally snipping named ends off. Stay tuned for real FO-phtos and FO-facts! The reverse side in all its neat and orderly glory

mandag, april 11, 2011

Yummy toadstools

Princess keeps herself busy in the kitchen - she has been making a couple of batches of ice cream lately - a heavenly habit with heavenly results! Cupcakes are still a favourite to her, though - and the toadstools above were particularly sweet in every sense of the word ;o)

torsdag, april 07, 2011

Sometimes it snows in April...

...and this April is no exception. Still - this beauty crawled out in the wary sunshine on Sunday - on my birtday :o) My cell phone camera is not the best, but very handy to preserve moments like this. The photo below is just to prove that it IS a bit early for butterflies where I live - the snow is still covering a fair part of the sidewalks, but less every day. Spring is here - HOORAY!

tirsdag, april 05, 2011

2nd hat for E

Finally; the 2nd hat is ready for departure! The 1st one was blogged here. The Drops design pattern was easy breezy and my only alteration was the yarn. I used Lerke from Dale (52 % merino, 48 % cotton) wich I hope will be suitable for the recipients use. 3 mm needles were aquired to create a firm and dense gauge. We are so happy to be on your team, E! And congrats on your b-day yesterday - hope you had a great day :o)