lørdag, august 28, 2010

Supermans Moss Jacket

FACTS: * Started July 11th, finished August 24th (I am still surprised at my own knitting speed; maybe Supermans super powers rubbed off on me a bit?) * 2 mm circulars for the cuffs and collar + a plaid needle and 3 mm circulars for the rest. All the parts of the garment are knitted back and forth, even the arms. Just to make sure the gauge would be the same all over * ca 450 g green Silk Tweed + ca 35 g beige Silk Tweed + a nylon zipper (basted and then sewn with my almost antique Husqvarna * My own pattern for the shape and design, but most certainly inspired by this stitch pattern over at Little Purl of The Orients - thank you! * Love in every stitch - also in the ones I had to rip to make the neckline work out ;o) Here he is, my own, wonderful Superman, wearing his new super hero suit ;o) for days of super powers as well as for days of coach powers!

torsdag, august 26, 2010


The beauty of your soul and heart is overwhelming - and you look fantastic too! I am soooo pruod and grateful for being just your mum, my dear 12 year old Princess. I love you!

onsdag, august 25, 2010

New beginnings

My sister and I are going to make a Domino blanket/wrap for a baby due in December some time. This will be our first knitting team work which is quite exciting. Finding a common gauge alone is an adventure! A few hours spent in the LYSs drooling over the endless possibilities and variations of soft wool and a well deserved break at a café afterwards was certainly a good start. Thank you for a great day, sis! The colours are soft and pleasing to the eye, and quite neutral gender-wise. Trimmings in the right girlish or boyish colour will be added as soon the baby is born. The mum to be grew up next door to my family. My sister and I used to babysit her and her brother. Years later, this lovely girl did a great job babysitting my own Princess - and maybe we will be able to babysit and slightly spoil this new baby, according to tradition ;o)

PS - the Superman Moss jacket is completely finished - waiting for Superman himself to return from a out of town "mission" to model it for a photoshoot before the garment is official HIS! Stay tuned!

søndag, august 15, 2010

Progress & plans

This is still going to be a jacket for Superman, but it looks like Lois Lane doesn´t mind modelling it for him! This has been a muck quicker knit than I anticipated so far. The only thing that could obstruct finishing it in the same speedy manner is my mental list of new projects waiting to be brought to life... This is a "Keep Calm and Carry on"-situation ;o)

fredag, august 06, 2010

Photo report # 3 from Greece; Architecture, streets & views

Princess built a fairytale castle by squeesing and dripping wet sand through her hands Above: The interior of St. Georges Cathedral sitting right on top of the medieval hill village of Ano Syros. The cathedral overlooks Hermoupolis, as seen under The road leading out of the port of Hermoupolis, capital of Syros

søndag, august 01, 2010

Photo report #2 from Greece: Food & details

Above: Princess´ favourite door
Above: incense in a variety of colours and scents Above: a glimpse from a accessories shop in Hermouplis Above: a stall in Tinos offering all the little icons and knick-knacks your heart could ever desire. And more. Above: ...better with one crisp bird in the hand...