lørdag, august 28, 2010

Supermans Moss Jacket

FACTS: * Started July 11th, finished August 24th (I am still surprised at my own knitting speed; maybe Supermans super powers rubbed off on me a bit?) * 2 mm circulars for the cuffs and collar + a plaid needle and 3 mm circulars for the rest. All the parts of the garment are knitted back and forth, even the arms. Just to make sure the gauge would be the same all over * ca 450 g green Silk Tweed + ca 35 g beige Silk Tweed + a nylon zipper (basted and then sewn with my almost antique Husqvarna * My own pattern for the shape and design, but most certainly inspired by this stitch pattern over at Little Purl of The Orients - thank you! * Love in every stitch - also in the ones I had to rip to make the neckline work out ;o) Here he is, my own, wonderful Superman, wearing his new super hero suit ;o) for days of super powers as well as for days of coach powers!

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Moan sa...

Love the jacket! Anthe the raglan cables!!