søndag, januar 30, 2011

Hvil vingene & unn deg litt pynt... Rest your wings & indulge in finery...

These photos are from sweet Carinas day spa, called Hvil vingene ("Rest the wings"). My jewellery (postal stamp based pieces with silver and semi precious stones) and bags are on display there right now, and the prices will be 30-50 % reduced all February. Come have a look in Vangsvegen 33 (entrance from Grønnegata) in Hamar :o)

PS - my bridal crown/veil is also on display - top row left. This is a showpiece and not for sale

mandag, januar 17, 2011

Slow and gloomy January...?

In my case, January is everything but slow. At least this year. I am in the middle of a job change, and right now working 50/50 % at both jobs. As you may have guessed, 50 + 50 does not always equal 100 ;o) I do of course knit a few stitches whenever I am on the sofa AND awake, which is a rare combination these days, but I must shamefully admit that my Princess´ cardigan was not finished this weekend either. Working Saturday and having 5 12 year olds (+ my own Princess of course) over night for a "Piece party" (everybody dressed in not very elegant but still very popular OnePieces) took most of my time. Anyhow - the job change is super exciting and actually very fiber related, so stay tuned for both private and work related fiber news :o)

PS - the cardigan is luckily much closer to being finished and ready to wear than this old photo suggests...

søndag, januar 09, 2011

Keep warm, you too, my friend!

This set of legwarmers and armwarmers for a very dear friend is made of just 100 g Faerytale by Du store alpakka (100 % alpaca) and small scraps of fingering weight alpaca and Kid Silk Mohair. The legwarmers were based on Pickles´ free pattern for Luxury Leg warmers, and the armwarmers were made up as I went along. I have seen them in use and they do the job! Nothing pleases me more :o)

fredag, januar 07, 2011

Warm Wishes

50 g of Nanuk (100 % alpaca), a scrap of green Mohair Lux and yet another scrap of Kid Silk Mohair, 7 mm needles and a 3 mm crochet hook - an improvised pattern and a couple of hours in front of the TV, and VOILA! Wrist warmers of the soft and fluffy kind with the best of wishes for 2011 - and a Thank you for the music!

onsdag, januar 05, 2011

A little late or waaay too early...

Definitely a little late for x-mas stockings now, or what...? I just had to show off my last minute presents for my two nephews. Mega sized as the stockings ended up, they will demand quite some effort from their parents next x-mas ;o) I sketched a pattern on some craft paper and happily cut through a stack of worn out jeans to make the pair. A couple of Supermans numerous disposed shirts came handy for trimmings and decorations - the shirts front button bands and button hole bands makes a neat, yet masculine finishing touch, I think. Making stuff up as I go is a very satisfying "method" - I just play on until the product looks "right". Which of course refers both to the specific recipient as well as my unidentified yet significant design style. Did this make sense??? Anyway - I had a great time making these, finishing and filling them (only 1/4 of their capacity...) and wrapping them just hours before they were put under the tree to be handed out :o)

mandag, januar 03, 2011

Happy New Year...

...to all of you! I hope you all had a very merry x-mas with days of leisure and pleasure and plenty of time spent with family and friends - and maybe some balls of wool? My first posts of 2011 will be like this one; revelations of the x-mas gifts I produced during November and December. More than one friend got a pair of wash cloths and a bar of nostalgic soap and this exact pair was for Supernøtt.