onsdag, januar 05, 2011

A little late or waaay too early...

Definitely a little late for x-mas stockings now, or what...? I just had to show off my last minute presents for my two nephews. Mega sized as the stockings ended up, they will demand quite some effort from their parents next x-mas ;o) I sketched a pattern on some craft paper and happily cut through a stack of worn out jeans to make the pair. A couple of Supermans numerous disposed shirts came handy for trimmings and decorations - the shirts front button bands and button hole bands makes a neat, yet masculine finishing touch, I think. Making stuff up as I go is a very satisfying "method" - I just play on until the product looks "right". Which of course refers both to the specific recipient as well as my unidentified yet significant design style. Did this make sense??? Anyway - I had a great time making these, finishing and filling them (only 1/4 of their capacity...) and wrapping them just hours before they were put under the tree to be handed out :o)

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