mandag, januar 17, 2011

Slow and gloomy January...?

In my case, January is everything but slow. At least this year. I am in the middle of a job change, and right now working 50/50 % at both jobs. As you may have guessed, 50 + 50 does not always equal 100 ;o) I do of course knit a few stitches whenever I am on the sofa AND awake, which is a rare combination these days, but I must shamefully admit that my Princess´ cardigan was not finished this weekend either. Working Saturday and having 5 12 year olds (+ my own Princess of course) over night for a "Piece party" (everybody dressed in not very elegant but still very popular OnePieces) took most of my time. Anyhow - the job change is super exciting and actually very fiber related, so stay tuned for both private and work related fiber news :o)

PS - the cardigan is luckily much closer to being finished and ready to wear than this old photo suggests...

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