tirsdag, april 14, 2009

Easter Resymé

The photos in this resymé were all taken this morning - indoors. The returning daylight is bliss - even though it is far from enough to get sharp shots without a camera stand. But the colours came out pretty true, so I´ll live with the blur :-))

This is how far I got on the second Zebra Jaywalker... I just could not figure out how to get started on the zig zag, even though I had a freshly printed copy of the pattern right in front of me. Sooner or later I WILL finish it though - the first one fits snuggly and nice but will look twice as good being part of a couple ;o) Of course I had taken precautions when packing for my Easter break - so I cast on and knitted a few inches on the baby blue retro cardie. During Easter I did a decent milage of cross country and spent an even more decent amount of time sitting in the snow whith the sun baking above -knitting away! Yesterday, on the last day of the Easter break, I finally pulled myself together and ripped the green cardie down to the joining of sleeves/body. The flappy necline/bust portion ruined an otherwise great design, so I had no choice, really. I successfully picked the stitches back up and will hopefully finish it before Friday as I plan to wear it Friday night. I also plan to have a few photos taken - I think the green one will deserve a bit of web-fame when it is done :o)

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