søndag, mai 22, 2011

Hommage a Purpur

Last weekend I finally got around to visit Purpur, a truly wonderful shop at Grünerløkka in Oslo. The owner is just as nice and likeable as I imagined. I have been "visiting" the shop online many times by following the blog. As it turned out I almost missed the real life experience as Krista is now closing down the shop. I know she has got a lot of regular clients and customers regretting this fact - but on the plus side, there is a closing down sale going on... I was lucky enough to get this BIG quilted Rie Elise Larsen blanket and pillowcase at a very good price. A bargain, I would say! Thank you for all the nice glimpses into the Purpur ("Purple") world, Krista, and good luck with all your future creative projects. I hope you will enjoy this new freedom and I am sure your enterprice combined with your delightful personality will bring you success and happiness :o)

PS - the mobile camera is still my everyday camera - some shots are OK, some are awful. The camera is only partly to blame, as I have been too lazy to explore its possibilities. Right now the choice is between blogging crappy photos or not blogging at all, so as you can see, I go with crappy ;o)

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