tirsdag, august 05, 2008

EZ Heart Hat

The hat modelled by a Baby Born doll - proving that my gauge has

produced a garment that will fit a newborn baby. Oh, soooo cute!!!

This is the beautiful Heart Hat - a very fun and fast knit that turned out to be at a perfect gauge to match the size of the Baby Surprise. No doubt Elizabeth Zimmerman must have been a true genious - and for a knitter with just a hint of imagination her books (that might look a bit dull and dry) are a rich well of inspiration and brilliant technical insight. I am truly happy and thankful that her work was documented and published for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from.

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lise sa...

Så søt! Den har jeg aldri sett før, men jeg må straks føre den opp på en av de imaginære to do-listene mine!