torsdag, oktober 09, 2008

Gardermoen/Garn-demonen (Yarn-Demon??) 2008

200 g MANOS DEL URUGUAY, 100 % wool. Hat finished, scarf started.

What a great way of spending a weekend! Happy knitters, spinners, crocheters to the left and to the right and in every corner of Moreppen Grendehus. All women. What about that? Well, women can do more than one thing at the time. We all proved our multi tasking skills, resulting in ears ringing (from the talking), full and happy bellies (from the food and the yummy cakes some of the ladies provided us with), red eyes (from staying up all night knitting), new and wonderful acquaintances (as most of us met "live" for the first time), laughing (because some knitters are also born-to-be performers), learning (because we all love our craft and happily share the shortcuts and tricks of the trade), and of course badly afflicted wallets and accounnts (because of numerous yarn-buying possibilities throughout the weekend). It has been great, and THANK YOU SO MUCH ARIELLE and the rest of you who made this possible. Hope to see you all again soon :o) Here are the reasons I am excitedly awaiting my next payday (2600 g of great yarn makes it worthwhile!!!):

350 g purple MISKI (100% baby Lama), Du store alpakka. Bought to match the Noro Cochoran to the left. Jacket to be!

100 g OPAL BAMBOO (50% virgin wool superwash, 35% bamboo, 15% polyester + a glass heart pendant, gifts from Mauds garn

100 g FIORELLO (100% polyamid), Filatura di Crosa

600 g BABY SILK (80% alpakka, 20% silk), Du store alpakka

150 g HACHO (100% merino wool), Du store Alpakka

200 g MANOS DEL URUGUAY silk blend (70% merino, 30% silk)

500 g ROBUST (80% wool superwash, 20% polyamid), Idéna

250 g WAVE (75% wool, 25% silk), Filatura di Crosa

450 g MOHAIR LUX (60% mohair, 40% acrylic), Idéna & some mother of pearl buttons

Blurry but more or less colour accurate photo of buttons

100 g OPAL COTTON (48% cotton, 39% virgin wool superwash, 13% polyamid)

3 kommentarer:

Supernøtt sa...

Ho ho! Snakk om storhandel :-D Håper jeg får se og kose litt med noen av nøstene dine i kveld. Vi sees!

Kristin Helene sa...

Se der ja... En riktig så lekker fangst... Je tror ikke jeg vil vise frem min... det ble litt mye kan man si..
Takk for en kjempetrivelig helg!! Jeg storkosa meg, og håper på å få gjentatt dette :)

lise sa...

Mye herlig garn, og sinnsykt flotte luer! Din egen var den aller kuleste. Det er visst en stund siden jeg var innom sist, for nå ble jeg sittende å lese og se og glemte helt leggetid...