fredag, oktober 03, 2008

Hat # 6

Look! ANOTHER hat...?!? This one is for me and I am selfish enough to say that I would NEVER give this one away... because the wonderful yarn was spun by Supernøtt and given to me as a x-mas gift last year. What a great present! I kept the yarn in a mini greenhouse hoping it would grow while I spent the winter (and spring and summer and fall) trying to figure out the perfect project for these yards of beauty. I think this hat brings out all the pretty shades and details of colour combinations prety well, and it sure looks good on me (This said by a hat-o-phobic, mind you!) ;o) To make the design as big and baggy as I pictured it I had to add some other yarn. A scrap of unidentified burgundy coloured wool (or acrylic blend?) and a strand of purple Plumet did the trick.

This weekend will be spent at Gardermoen in company with MANY other dedicated knitters/blabberers/giggelers - in about 2,5 hours I´ll be there!!! I am so exited and the only thing that could calm me down this morning was to hunt down my little scrap of Noro Silk Garden that I plan to use to trim a Calomietry... I´ve been digging through all of my baskets and bags over and over without finding it - and then, finally this morning there it was, in the very same basket I first searched through a week ago... Why is this important...? It is not. But it describes my excitement about the weekend. I got Fiberfeber (Fiber Fever)... and what cures the Fiberfeber? Well... FIBER?!? This is the skein of wool as it revealed itself as last years x-mas gift from Supernøtt.

Colours quite accurately reproduced in this blurry day light photo

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Tea sa...

Herlig! :) Lua ble kjempefin, og det passet jo veldig bra med det andre garnet du brukte også! Kos deg i helgen!!! :D

sipusa sa...

Super lue i supert garn:-D