fredag, november 07, 2008

Swatching for the Big Grey

This is the first and last swatch for a new raglan I am working on. The idea was to design an intriguing but simple construction for a long cardigan for me. I was looking for the right yarn for several weeks and ended up with the frog-unfriendly Mohair Lux and realised I will have to save my cool construction for another project and another yarn quality (read: a smooth, fuzz free one) in case I have to rip some of it in the process of turning my clever design idea into an equally clever garment... Even though I had pictured a solid coloured simple wool I love the subtle colour changes in this deep, bluish grey. On 5 mm needles it knits up as a light, soft fabric. I have been browsing the web, my knitting books, fashion stores and knitting magazines for pretty plaits and so far I am happy with my choices. This swatch is just that. The interesting celtic-like plaits will be revealed in later entries so stay tuned!

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