mandag, februar 02, 2009

The Serpent

First of all: thank you for all the nice comments on the Big Grey! It was fun to design, fairly quick to knit and it is a dream to wear, so I am very pleased :o)

There were leftovers from the Big Gey, and I had this desire for another nice ruffled scarf (inspired from a very beautiful one that Supernøtt gave me a couple of years ago). So I cast on a large number of stitches and increased and increased and increased and finally cast off all thousands and thousands of stitches using some black wool - and it turned out my scarf was more than two meter long... meaning it will end up as a strangeling tangle. So I sewed it together "back to back" and it ended up as a wearable and TOASTY ruffled serpent!

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Lene sa...

Kjempefint! Skulle likt å ha det mnsteret :D