mandag, november 09, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

The weekend was a real good one - as it included some surprise yarn shopping :o)) I have known about this yarn shop in Fagernes for a while, but never came around to go there, until this Saturday. It was a sight for sore "rakfiskfestival"-eyes! All natural fibres and a few exciting brands as well, wich I did not expect - so I was surprisesd! I shopped a bit for Christmas presents; this was NOT surprising, though... time will show what these beautiful silk/merino-skeins will turn into. I have a few plans - also for the alpaca ball.

Below: a quick update on the Ishbel: I finally cracked the code for the lace part after searching the Ravelry groups dealing with this specific pattern. I think what really helped was discovering the hundreds of knitters grinding their teeth over this one... as the pattern is not really complicated at all, I mean. It is just good and encouraging to be among equals in such trying times ;o)

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siripirisiri sa...

Alltid artig med nytt garn!
Den Picklesjakken var veldig flott!
*må prøve den teknikken..*

God helg!