tirsdag, september 07, 2010

Little things

I am between large projects at the moment - which means a very welcome stash reducing production. Right now it is the soft and heavy weight cotton scraps that are being transformed into wash cloths. I used a 5 mm crochet hook and the finished size is ca 23 x 23 cm. I am going to do a "test wash" to determine if they are suited for little x-mas gifts - or if the sturdy yarn ends will wiggle their way out and peek through the surface despite my thorough weaving in efforts. If so I guess all five of them will have to do service as dishcloths right here at home with me ;o)

2 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Good luck on your test!
'May the force be with you' and keep the ends in place:)

Tea Kristin sa...

De ble fine!! :) :)