torsdag, mars 10, 2011

A long, long winter calls for many, many hats!

The summery light in this photo is deceiving - it is still full winter where I live, so no need to worry that my time spent knitting this hat was wasted... As you can see via the link, it is supposed to be adorned with a button, but as I could not find the big, green coat button in my hereditary buttons collection I wanted to use, this peacock brooch does the job. Slightly old lady, slightly royal... or at least eccentric!

Yarn: ca 75 g Drops Alpaca + 25 g Drops Kid Silk held together (original yarn for the pattern was Daletta from Dale)

Needles: 2 mm for the button band, 3 mm 40 cm circulars + dpns for the cap

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