lørdag, april 20, 2013

Smell the roses AGAIN - or faith and perseverance

Triumph of the roses! I was happy to have caught "on camera" what I assumed was the last day of beauty and glory of my birthday bouquet as posted here. Now I can see that I need to have stronger faith, and trust that I am not the only perseverent specimen around here ;o) This photo was taken yesterday, 16 days after I recieved the roses. OK, they are not longer as perky and well defined in shape, but yet so delicate, beautiful and graceful in their maturity. I value all stages of a flowers life; from dry seed to sprout to bud to blossom to the decay stages.  My sense of easthethic adds of course an important and rewarding dimension to hov I percieve and interpret this process.

May I develop an equally humble, respectful, embracing and valuating attitude towards my own life process and phases - the physical, emotional and spiritual - as I claim to have towards the true blooming specimen!

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