onsdag, juni 05, 2013

Potager - Part two

Have a look at Potager - Part one if you want the full tutorial for making a potager using pallet frames
...let the hard work begin... Using a flat spade I cut smallish squares of turf and lifted it with a bigger and lighter shovel. I used two of the pallet frames to outline the areas for the potager modules, by pressing them firmly into the grass. This left quite sharp guidelines for the digging.
After removing the turf from both potager modules I thoroughly weeded the top 10 cm of soil by removing small roots etc. Below: Some are not ashamed to watch others do the hard work... 

One layer of pallet frames...
...and then another on top.
A knothole needed to be sealed and a piece of one of the bigger roots I dug up came handy.
Rady for the next step - lining and filling the pallet frames. To be continued...

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