fredag, juni 19, 2009

Baby Blue & self flattering rambling!

Baby blue is finished and it is a pleasure to wear it! The pattern is an alteration of the "Jakke i retrostil" ("Retro cardigan") designed by Gerd Fjellanger, from the book "Strikk i en fei" edited by Karen Marie Vinje. First of all, I replaced the called for yarn by one thread of fingering alpaca and one thread of laceweight mohair. The finished garment included buttons weighs 340 g. This means I used less than five balls (250 g) of alpaca and less than two balls (50 g) of mohair. The 2x2 rib is knit on 3,5 mm needles, the rest on 4 mm needles. I also altered the button band, making it blend into the pattern.

It is all about hitting the right button...

Even the arm/arm hole seam came out fairly nice, and the pattern stripes came together in peace and harmony... with a bit of friendly tugging, that is. I left most of the neckline stitches on the needles and made short rows instead of binding off, and only picked up a few stitches on either side of the neck, to avoid lumps and knots from bound off stitches. This required a fair bit of nip & tuck action to even out stitches afterwards, but it was worth it! Knitting 4 rows of garter stitch before starting the actual collar made quite a neat adjoining . Wouldn´t have hurt with another couple of garter rows though. I am also very pleased wiyh how I managed to place one buttonhole exactely where the double ribbing meets the pattern and also at the base of the collar. These are details I appreciate very much myself, and as they were not considered in the pattern I had to do a rough calculation as I went along - and I was spot on!

All in all: I loooove my Baby Blue :-)

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mimouna sa...

Det var en skikkelig flott jakke, all grunn til å være fornøyd. Du har jammen vært nøye med alle de små detaljene, det gjør stor forskjell.