fredag, juni 04, 2010

Crown Imperial Love

The title is taken from a 90s Norwegian hit (you can listen to it here) by Weld/Vibeke Saugstad. I find the song melancholy and bitter sweet, so it doesn´t really match my associations with the crown/chocer shown here - but I like the song and love the title :o) This piece of jewellery was made in 2008 for an exhibition, and it was displayed as a choker at the time. It is made from original postal stamps, silver, aquamarines and Chinese bookroll fabric. Later I added a silk chiffon veil and used it as a bridal crown with my home sewn wedding dress! In just a weeks time my dear friend A T will get married and I REALLY hope the wedding bolero will come together nicely for her... I am so happy for her and her groom, and I am sure they will have a wonderful life together with or without this bolero, but still... FO-photos will be posted soon - I HOPE ;o)

PS - a little colour makeover has been going on in here; maybe you noticed? I like it so far.

3 kommentarer:

Tea Kristin sa...

Superfint smykke!! :) Og fargene på bloggen passer deg veldig godt synes jeg. :) Klem

Moan sa...

Utrolig nydelig!

Inger Lise Libakken sa...

Takk for kommentarer og ros av både farger og smykke :o)