onsdag, februar 23, 2011

Good Hair Day?

The Arwetta Classic finally found its form. I have managed through several VERY cold weeks this winter. By wearing my warmest coat (a fake fur), my (politically un-correct) real sealskin boots and various selfmade hats, scarves and shawls. Some days with sheepskin mittens, some days wit beautiful hand-knit-by-my-best-friend mittens. There is still no sign of spring. Conclusion: The double folded rib of this hat will come handy even though it was finished weeks and weeks later than planned (the x-mas gift making was a brilliant excuse for putting this rather boring project aside).

My motto when it comes to hats is the same as before: Only the fact that my ears are kept warm can compensate risking a not-so-halfbad-hairdo by wearing a hat! (Not that this is a very likely scenario. Me having a truely Good Hair Day, I mean.) I LOVE my mega-warm Arwetta hat! Pattern: my own, very simple. Also very simple to copy; be my guest!

The photo is taken in Bergen (more from Bergen next time) by a friend, and it was slightly under exposed. I went to the other extreme, totally over exposing it and it turned out fashionably retro-ish. To others it may look just like one of my usual mishaps, but I am pleased ;o) I have still about 50 g left of the Arwetta which will most probably end up as wristwarmers at some point.

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