lørdag, februar 26, 2011

My hometown - this is my home town (too)

I lived in beautiful Bergen for 7,5 years, and I feel right at home every time I go back there. Last week I allowed myself a short break, going away all alone to meet up with my favourite teacher during my glory days at SHKD (presently known as KHiB. I graduated from the Dept of Textile Art mid January 1996, which means it has been almost exactely 15 years since I last saw my dear Professor of Colour Grete Smedal. Seeing you again wass bliss, Grete! And talking with you made me feel totally connected to my creative core. And to you, as it had been just 15 minutes, not 15 years! True inspiration! I will get back to our common passion for colour in a later post, by telling the story of The Magic Dress and the Chromascope. The first photo above shows one of Gretes numerous colour design projects; the inner yard of Hotel Admiral in central Bergen. The second one is taken at Bryggen, outside Gretes studio, showing the intriguing shapes of the warehouse buildings with cranes, dating from 1702 (but established around year 1070 AD) and after. The photo below? The frosty, beautiful city of Bergen handsomely adorned with golden sunshine and blue, blue sky.

PS - I don´t think I listened much to Bruce Springsteen during my years in Bergen, even though I did before and after this period - but his lyrics applies very well anyhow ;o)

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