søndag, januar 01, 2012

2011 cavalcade

JANUARY was the colourful start of 2011 - these are the sleeves of a cardie for Princess that was finished in March

FEBRUARY was freezing and this Arwetta Classic hat Arwetta Classic Hat was often worn

MARCH came with signs of spring and the story of The Magic dress the story of The Magic Dress

APRIL brought the longed for light back and provided enough guts to finish The Domino Baby Blanket

MAY made my fingers itch to get started on some new crochet project and I was unflinching when passing the local yarn shops. Digging deep in my stash and scraps I came up with this Fancy Granny which is by the way still not finished...

JUNE was a good month for self exposing as I participated in an art exhibition with my jewellery

JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER came and went with no blogging energy, but a few glimpses from this period can bee seen here

NOVEMBER was the turning point for the nearly dead FiberFeber blog

DECEMBER was a wonderful month with plenty of memorable moments and blog posts. What will 2012 bring? I wish the best for all of you and also for me: Peace of mind, good health, courage, love and friendship.

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